• 20110620_ITSDOT_0145_V3A“G4” Rear End Collision Prevention
    • Intelligent Brake Lights that warn following vehicles of deceleration and a pending slowing or stopping event
    • EEBL or Intelligent Brake Lights as defined within V2V / Connected Car J-Spec J2735
    • Threshold .3 to .4 G’s for J-Spec but adjustable from 0.01 G’s and up
    • Will drive brake lights, auxiliary lights, or warning lights at customers discretion
  • “SAFE-ZONE” Forward Crash Protection

Lower driver-at-fault incident rates. Lower insurance costs.

Fleet managers set pre-defined minimum following distances. When a driver follows too close an audible alarm reminds drivers and the event is recorded for management review. The location of the event is also recorded so that management can establish routes more efficiently.

    • Radar OR Laser range finder measures distance to lead vehicle
    • Speed sensor measures vehicle speed
    • Processor provides warning, based upon speed and distance. Audible warning if the distance to lead vehicle becomes unsafe
    • Even storage and download event data via cell-phone technology to fleet management automatically
  • “Lateral” Roll Over Prevention
    • Speed Curve Warning
    • Absolute lateral acceleration sensor (gyroscope-accelerometer combination) detects lateral acceleration
    • Provides alarm to driver and digital communications if required, of excessive lateral acceleration limit being approached
    • Alarm threshold can be constant (percentage of expected roll-over level) or adjustable according to load. Adjustable by company or by driver
    • Backs up GPS based systems especially in bad weather or gray reception areas and provides real time warning with no latency
  • “Cross Traffic Protection” for Motorcycles StrobeWise H/L
    • Activates headlight modulator upon deceleration
    • Roll off of the throttle when approaching an intersection
    • Head Lamp modulates for increased visibility to inattentive drivers
  • “Electronic Trailer Brake” New Technology
    • Eliminates the need for brake-controller mounted within the towing vehicle
    • Only the trailer needs to have a controller with this new innovation
    • Set up doesn’t need to be done on level ground – slope doesn’t matter

StrobeWise  Deceleration Warning
StrobeWise is not a brake light. It is a deceleration warning light which flashes it amber LEDs rearward upon detection of minute levels of deceleration. It is not a toy like the accelerometer based brake light flashers but a sophisticated computer which monitors and analyzes speed data. Simply roll off of the throttle and zap (flash) the tailgater with an intense amber strobe. The color Amber is universally known to drivers as CAUTION and following drivers get the message immediately.  StrobeWise is used within transit buses, motorcycles, passenger cars and commercial fleet vehicles. It is soon (2016) to be mandated for use within all vehicles by USDOT and NHTSA when implemented as Electronic Emergency Brake Lights (EEBL).

StrobeWise H/L
This new and innovative product actuates headlight modulators upon deceleration. This is designed for use in motorcycles within the United States.  The alternating high/low beam headlamp flasher has proven so effective in preventing collisions that the U.S. Government has included it into Federal Law (FMVSS 108). Now, instead of leaving it flash all of the time it flashes only when you decelerate or let off of the throttle, as would be the case when approaching intersections. The SW computer module and H/L add-on circuit work together with the award winning StrobeWise rear-end collision protection system if desired. Or it can be used to activate modulators independently.

A fuel saving system which shuts off combustion engines which have been idling for a period of time. IdleWise benefits fleet operations and aids in the efficiency offered by hybrid vehicles.

A forward looking anti-collision warning and management reporting system is now in development and benefits commercial fleet operators.

Is an ECU re-programming module on a thumb drive designed to be used by motorcycle enthusiasts to improve performance over their factory programmed ECU. It contains unique performance software developed by our engineers which is currently used in racing applications.

Intellectual Property

 We have been awarded numerous United States and Foreign Patents over the years. All of our product offerings have patent protection. In addition to our product offerings, licenses to our intellectual property are available for sale within geographical and/or vertical markets.

Patent #


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