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$205 G4 deceleration warning system.

  • StrobeWise G4 – Deceleration Warning with 3 Led, 3 Watt Each, Amber light or (EEBL) Emergency Electronic Brake Light Controller. Great for:
    • Motorcycles
    • ATV’s
    • UTV’s
    • Personal Water Craft (Sea Doo, Polaris, Jet Ski, Wave Runner AquaTrax etc…..)
    • Transit Buses
    • Postal Delivery Vehicles

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$25 Misc. or Parts.


five-starLove this light!
on July 14, 2016
 “I will admit that the install was more “Fun” than I expect, but the unit does not disappoint. (On my 1200 custom there were not a ton of places to install, ended up finding a place next to the battery that was almost designed for the module). Works as described, and I believe that as a safety device, this covers one of the areas that has been lacking on motorcycles.
And, support from the manufacture (Fritz) was off the charts good. He didn’t stop until I was up and running!”


5.0 out of 5 stars An Amazing Deceleration Warning Light
on September 9, 2013
 “Strobewise” is not a brake light. You don’t have to keep tapping your brake lever to let drivers behind you know you’re slowing down when engine compression alone is slowing the bike down. I got it for going into construction zones and found it useful for getting tailgaters to wake up and back off. Just back off the throttle a little to get the amber LED lights flashing. At night out in the country I’ll do the same if a vehicle is coming into view behind me to help them know I’m there. It’s not that I’m just crawling along all the time, (usually the opposite), but there is always someone faster around. The module is very small, 3 1/4 by 2 1/16 by 3/4. It gets its info from the vehicle speed sensor on most motorcycles or the ABS sensor on others. The “Strobewise” flashes 4 times slow repeatedly when slowing gradually and 4 times fast repeatedly when slowing rapidly. It will alternate also according to a change in your deceleration. When stopped it will flash one time slowly until you start moving again. The “Strobewise” should be standard on all motorcycles in my opinion. Last but not least is “Strobewise” has outstanding technical support. This is important since different motorcycles might have different sensor inputs. It’s well worth the cost.”
 May 3, 2016
 “Strobewise is the most advanced motorcycle deceleration warning safety devicen on the market! We thoroughly tested it ourselves for well over two year and at least 10,000 miles on all sorts of paved and unpaved public roads all across New England. From the narrowest gravel country lane in a shady corner of Vermont to the Interstate 89,93 and 95. We wouldn’t want to be without it. There is no question about it. It actually keeps other motorists, off of your butt…Period. Were still amazed at how much more room we now typically have between our bikes and the cars behind us. It just works! It is the most remarkable product we’ve tested in years.”
Product Demonstration Video
Product Demonstration Video